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We keep your experience challenging to help you remain interested in exercise and we schedule class times to fit into most schedules. We are able to bring group fitness almost anywhere. We are not bound by walls. We provide corporate fitness as well as community group fitness classes. Our mission is to deliver a workout to you that is not just effective but fun! We know that if fitness is fun it is easier to make it a part of your life.

Pamela Bennett Fitness, established in 2012 by Pamela Bennett, is a group fitness boot camp and dance company. Pamela Bennett Fitness offers a variety of group fitness classes from dance to water fitness. Our goal is to provide you with a variety of excellent group fitness classes to either help you create the muscle confusion necessary to aid in weight loss or maintain your weight and tone.

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  • I want to thank you for classes and the way you push us. Last week I went to my cardiologist, and everything was good, he told me to keep doing what I’m doing. Then I went to my Thyroid doctor yesterday and he told me that all my blood work looked good and I could stop taking all of my medications!!!!!! So I go back in 4 months and hopefully I will get the same results. THANK YOU FOR YOUR DEDICATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sharon (Georgia)
    Sharon (Georgia)
  • I know all my Freestyle Fitness Ladies and Gents have your own Fitness Story to tell as well and we all would LOVE to hear it! Please add YOUR STORY in the comment section below. Thanks for sharing! I couldn’t have picked a more energetic, motivated or inspirational instructor! I have never been this excited about losing weight and making a lifestyle change. Thank you

    Tonii (Georgia)
  • Janet Davis showed no mercy today in the pool at Johnson Park in Conyers!! I was exhausted half through the session! Thanks for the great workout. I appreciate you and freestyle fitness!

    Janice Robertson ‎Freestyle Fitness LLC 4 hrs
  • Great AquaZumba workout with “Pop” today @JohnsonPark – Conyers!

    Valarie A Sewell‎ Freestyle Fitness LLC August 5, 2014
  • Ms. Pam Is No Joke When It Comes To Aqua Zumba @ Johnson Park. The Lady Knows What It Takes To Keep Our Body In Shape. Shout Out To Her And Janet. I’m Glad To Have Joined Their Zumba Team.

    Diane FlyGirl Hairston-Nash Freestyle Fitness LLC August 2
  • Freestyle Fitness LLC is ROCKIN’ THE POOL this summer! 7 AQUA ZUMBA / AQUAFIT CARDIO Classes in the past 4 days hosted a combined 215 people. Folks are gettin’ it in and cooling off at the same time. Higher calorie burn than anything you’re doing fitness wise and you can get your cardio in a safe place. Little to no impact on the joints. All ages are splashing and gettin’ it in. No matter what your fitness level is you can do it. If you’ve taken our Aqua classes and you know how GOOD it is, think of someone that you know can benefit from getting’ it in and gettin’ it movin’ YOU need to SHARE this post. Click share now and share the Freestyle fun!

    July 12
  • I am so glad I found Freestyle Fitness. The instructors are amazing. They make it easy to follow the steps and they target different areas on your body. Would definitely recommend to check it out.

  • LaTrina Clark – another Freestyle Friend does the Peachtree Road Race

    Pamela Dukes Bennett Freestyle Fitness LLC‘s
  • Turn down for what!!!!! Freestyle Fitness Aqua Zumba class @Johnson Park Rec in Conyers was off the chain this morning! I got it in! Pamela Dukes Bennett thank you soooo much for subscribing to excellence in fitness!

    ‎Freestyle Fitness LLC
  • Had a great time at Zumba tonight! I love the location very close to my home! It’s all about balance! Nutrition, Supplements & Exercise!! Thanks Qualandria Bell great class:)

    Deshana Clark- Hudson‎