What is Your BMI?

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Freestyle Fitness clients lose weightBMI stands for Body Mass Index.  This measurement is used in a wide variety of contexts as a simple method to assess how much an individual’s body weight is from what is normal or desirable for a person of his or her height.  BMI measurement is not an exact science.  This measurement was developed in the 1800’s and has not been revised since then, although there are many debates about its accuracy.  This measurement is all we have to measure healthy weight for now so I think it is still a good idea to use it as a gage to your own healthy body weight.  Please know that the BMI does not take into account your ethnicity or how lifestyles have changed in the last century.  These numbers were developed using data from enormous numbers of people. They don’t tell you anything about your own body composition, how much of your weight is fat, and how much is muscles and tissue. But since we know that lifestyles have become increasingly more sedentary as modern conveniences have improved like travel and the way we eat, think of the BMI calculator as a guide.

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Another way to measure your weight is to use a body fat indicator.  Here’s a good example; When I weighed myself this morning the scale read 149 lbs.  My BMI was 26.4 which rates me as being “overweight”.  Those who workout with me everyday are probably laughing now as you read this but this is what I mean when I say use the BMI as a guide.  Another way to determine your healthy body weight is to use a Body Fat Chart.  I put my stats in the body fat calculator and it measured 26.47%.  The body fat index rates my body fat and measurements as “acceptable”. I have a couple of problem areas but I am not by any means overweight as the BMI calculator suggests.  The BMI indicator suggests that I lose 8 lbs.  If I do that I will really be butt-less.  But (no pun intended), like I said use it as a guide not an exact science.  Personally I like the body fat chart.

calculate your BMI below

It’s also important to have your vitals checked.  Make sure your cholesterol and triglycerides are on point.  During your health checkups make you are comparing your current numbers to testing done during the previous checkup.  Track your progress.  You only get one body so take care of it.  Your body works hard for you everyday so eat right, exercise, stress less, make love not war and stay out of other people’s business and you’ll be fine.

I’d love to hear your questions or comments.  Please post them below.  Check your BMI below.  What were your results?


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