We’re Not Going To Eat Them !

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Freestyle Fitness loves to work in the community as you know.  This time we’re helping the Girls Scouts of America get the word out about girl scout cookies.  Look, somebody has to eat them and since it won’t be us we’ve got to get the word out to others so they are aware that it’s time to order.  Margo Browning, your fellow classmate, is a girl scout troop leader.  Each year she is stricken with the horrible task of peddling these horrible little cookies.  If we don’t buy at least one box poor Margo will be stuck with all the cookies in her house.  Can you imagine being surrounded by wall to wall cookies?  Sigh.  I think it’s appalling.  I thought it would be the least I could do.  Here’s the message I got from Margo.  Now you can see what Margo is up to.

Hello Girl Scout Cookie Fans!  It’s time to order your girl scout cookies.   The cost again this year is $3.50.  The cookies will be delivered February 14th just in time for Valentine’s Day and make a delightful gift!   Proceeds from the cookie sale will help fund a college tour for Girl Scout Troop 73.  You may have met some of the girls at the Zumbathon for Breast Cancer Awareness this past October.   Thank you for supporting Girl Scout Troop 73!!  Please email Margo Browning at mikemargobb@bellsouth.net with your order. 


After reading this I was forced to purchase a case however, I will not be eating any of the cookies.  I’ll be giving them as gifts.  Valentine’s Day is coming you know.      

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