Welcome Larry Thomas Jr. aka “POP”

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POPWelcome to Freestyle Fitness newest instructor “POP” has joined the team.  Check the schedule for his dynamic Zumba classes or the New Hip Hop Cardio class that debuts on Monday, May 12, 2014.  His energy is off the charts and he definitely brings the party atmosphere.

You may start with two left feet, but you’ll learn the dance steps quickly. As you make progress, you’ll find the dancing gets more challenging–both in terms of complex movements and your fitness. If you’ve never done a workout in your life, start out easy by starting out with dancing.

Definitely ditch the workout and join the party. Check the schedule.  Click on Classes at the top of this page.

Again, welcome to the team POP, we’re excited to have you on the team.  Get It In Ya’ll, Get It In!



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