My Freestyle Fitness Trainer – Larry “Pop Dancer” aka POP Thomas Jr.

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My Freestyle Fitness Trainer Larry "Pop Dancer" aka POP Thomas Jr.Born From A Boombox (BFAB), dancing has allowed me to become healthier in so many ways. While attending high school, I failed to realize that being overweight was affecting my life. I was ashamed of my body which led to refusing to try out for my high school basketball team. As time passed and after seeing my reflection in the mirror one day, I told myself that I had to do something quick because I was upset with the way that I looked. My junior year in high school was life-changing because my best friend and I, decided to start a step team. I became passionate about it. As time passed, I realized that I could be more than just a member of the step team so I became Captain of the step team, and before I knew it, the step team was all mine.

After high school, I wanted to try something different so I started my own Hip Hop dance team which led to winning every competition in the area. As time passed members of the team began to pursue their dreams and move on. My passion for dance, the ability to teach and help others become healthier, grew stronger. I knew I had the talent to do more than just dance but only God knew what else it was.

In 2011, I was diagnosed with a brain dysfunction. I was motivated to dance even harder and live for God. I started my own Hip Hop cardio class in 2012 which allowed me to share my talents with others. After being introduced to Zumba Fitness I decided to search for a class to attend. It was like love at first sight dance because it felt like a party-like atmosphere, but at the same time I was burning calories, which amazed me. Throughout the years I went from weighing 220lbs to 180lbs. I found something I was able to enjoy with others. I never thought I would become a Zumba Instructor. I knew it was all God! Later I became a back-up dancer and a choreographer for a local artist. This improved my skills on stage. Every move became a mission.

While you attend Freestyle Fitness classes, we will help you conquer, go harder when you feel like you can’t go any further! Freestyle Fitness is more than just a team to me, I love these guys like my family. God Bless!

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