My Freestyle Fitness Trainer Janet

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My Freestyle Fitness Trainer Janet

Welcome our new Trainer…


Freestyle Fitness Trainer

Growing up as an athlete, my weight would fluctuate from sport to sport in between off seasons. I would always be able to catch my weight when it got out of control with minimal exercise. Upon graduating from college, sport activities became less a priority than work. I quickly fell into a size 16-18. I know this may not seem a lot to those with greater challenges but being a size 8 all your young adult life; doubling my size was traumatic.

The world of fitness began to change for me when I received a challenge from a dear friend (PAT). She challenged me to enter a body building competition and dared me to train hard. Let’s just say that my challenge was met and I caught the bug. I won my first competition, and went on to compete for the Georgia title. I did not win my first Georgia show placing 3rd.

I have work in the Aquatics field for 25+ years as a lifeguard, swim instructor and water aerobics instructor. I utilized water exercise to help with my conditioning to decrease the impact of joint compounding because of weight training. By adding water exercise to my work out regiment I was able to maximize training and conditioning. In 2010 I reach my goal of completion by winning the Ms. Georgia title Lt heavy weight category and overall. During the same year I was crowned Ms Northern Kentucky, Ms. Coastal of south eastern states and 7th place at Nationals. I was the example that age is nothing but a number. My body building experience began at the ripe age of 42.

Life continues to get better. In September 2013, I met the founder and CEO Pamela Bennett of Freestyle Fitness at Johnson Park Recreation center. I thought to myself that I love the class and the instructor’s energy. I would watch class while on duty. By January 2014 I knew all the routines. Not knowing at the time the world of fitness was about to change again for me. I told MS. Pam that I would soon be resigning my position and wanted to join her team. Becoming an instructor with the Freestyle fitness team has again become a life changing experience. It has ignited my own personal passion to compete again. More than that, I am committed to sharing my gifts in Aquatics and help those wanting to achieve their own personal goals. The Freestyle Fitness team is full of compassion and love for those looking for that special attention to achieve goals.

AFAA instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, Water Safety instructor, CPR – First Aid Instructor, Life Guard, Lifeguard Instructor, USAT, USS swim referee, USS stroke and turn official, USS starter.



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