June 21-Day Food Rehab – Tips – “Deal With The Truth”

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make a list mondayHappy Monday Rehab Challengers!  7 days down and 14 days to go.  I hope you are doing well in your first week of the challenge.  This challenge may not completely support you in removing the junk from your life but it can at least help you to think about what you are eating.  If you really give the challenge a good try you will begin to deal with the truth.  It will open your eyes to the reasons you are eating fake food and think.  It will help your mind make a shift to making better choices.  That is all that I am asking you to do.  Make small shifts a little at a time.  No one is asking you to eat straw and drink wheat grass everyday.  It’s a simple formula.

In dealing in truth grab a piece of paper and pencil or your stylus on your tablet.  Using two columns list your favorite processed foods.  On the opposite side of the list write down a simple way that processed food can be replaced or how the quality of that food can be improved. Here’s a short list to give you an idea how easy it is.

Cheez-it crackers   –  switched to – Ezekiel toast and cheddar cheese cut into squares

Sweet Tea  – switched to  –  Green Tea mixed with 100% Apple Juice

Icecream  –  switched to  –  Fruit Sorbet in the Nutri-bullet

Pizza – switched to – Gluten-free tortilla, mozzarella cheese, salsa

How have you made small changes in your diet?  Share the changes you’e made with me.  I’d love to hear about it.

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