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Tammie lost 41.6 pounds in the Freestyle Fitness bootcampIt’s exciting for me when one of my bootcampers or clients takes me up on the challenge to reach certain fitness goals in order to earn a certification to become an instructor.  I was very excited when I learned that Tammie Baldwin was interested in fitness.  Tammie has lost 41.6 lbs. in boot camp since March of 2013.  Tammie is changing her body.  Her energy level has improved as well as her agility.

Tammie was certified to teach Zumba on December 14, 2013.  Getting certified is the easy part. Tammie teaching What’s challenging is applying all that you learn and parleying that into a class that is fun and promotes the love of movement, the love of people and inspiring others to do the same.  Tammie’s class is fun!  She has worked hard with Lashay and myself for several months.  Her desire to be a great instructor is sincere.  This is just the beginning but it opens the door to a life of health and fitness that is priceless.  I’m excited for her.  You should be too:) If you take her class and love it, let her know.  It’s encouraging when you want to teach a good class and it shows and your students let you know that your class was rockin’.

TammieCheck out Tammie in the gallery for photos of her first class with over 20 people in attendance.  She said she was nervous but I didn’t notice.  She looked as cool as a cucumber.

Tammie is teaching this weekend on Saturday at 9 AM and on Sunday at 3 PM immediately following the 2:15 PM Guns, Guts & Glutes class.  Check out the schedule


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  • Millicent Pedersen

    Tammie is awesome! Keep up the good work!

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