How To Enroll In AM or PM Boot Camp Registration 2014-2015

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register for bootcamp This year boot camp has been life changing for several Freestyle Fitness clients.  Before I get into the details about registration for the next evening session of bootcamp I want to share with you a few testimonials that have been sent to us this week.

It warms my heart to be a part of so many journeys.  We’re getting fantastic results.  This is why many repeat the bootcamp sessions month after month.  Several have adopted the Freestyle Fitness boot camp as their choice to make fitness a part of their life.

In 6 days I can move my back better, I have more energy throughout the day, my legs are not hurting (wow), I have lost 6 lbs, I can sit down without using my arms for support (really) I’m thinking smarter, my concentration is better, my bloating is gone, my knees are getting looser, my pants fit better and my acne/pimples are clearing up. You made all of this possible.  I REALLY LOVE YOU AND APPRECIATE YOU HELPING ME!!!!!!!  You are an angel, Pamela! ~ Carissa

I’m keeping track of my weight loss progress…Thanks to Freestyle I want to move all the time. ~ Lakeisha

Thanks to you. You have been a great mentor throughout this journey.! ~ Deborah

This momentum has led me to again open up the evening bootcamp session.  This time it is a mini evening bootcamp to be held on Tuesday 7:45pm, Thursday 6:30pm and Fridays 6:30pm at Freestyle Fitness @ Upstage, 410 Santa Fe Trail, Ellenwood, GA 30294.  Check out the website for more details on what is happening in the boot camp as well as pricing information.  Enroll in the mini boot camp now!  OPEN ENROLLMENT IS BEING HELD TOMORROW 11/2/2014 at 2pm-3pm, and again from 4pm to 6pm.

The 5:30 AM Bootcamp is now in session and ends on 11/21/14. The last session for 2014 will begin on 11/24/2014 and run through 12/19/2014. (Call me to discuss possible options for enrolling in the current AM bootcamp) The first 2015 session for boot camp will resume on 1/5/2015.  In 2015 we will continue to impact the lives of those who are ready to make a lifestyle change.  Freestyle Fitness is not interested in enrolling unlimited numbers of people.  Boot camp is for everyone but not everyone is ready.  I often during the boot camp consultation have suggested prospective boot camp clients to not enroll into the boot camp but to take regular classes instead.  Is this because I think they cannot handle boot camp?  No, it’s because I assess that they are not really ready but perhaps still shopping for answers, an easy fix, a magic pill or desperate to make a change, but have not done any research yet.

My belief is that this boot camp is all you need to begin your journey, lose weight and make a lifestyle change.  Don’t start this boot camp if you are not really ready.  Start this boot camp because you have become resolved to make a change for good.  Why wait for your doctor to tell you to lose weight.  Decide for yourself.

To enroll in either the AM or PM boot camps call me for a free consultation to discuss your options at 678-698-6780.

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