Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a style of dance that has crosse over to every culture all around the world. It has transcended every genre of music. Hip Hop is fun, energetic and good exercise. Students of all ages are accepted. Dance sneakers required.

Hip Hop Dance is a culture. The term is loosely used when referring to commercialized rap music, however hip-hop is more than just music. It is the heart beat of American ghetto youth who claimed their own self-expression and used it to rise above their physical circumstances. Hip-hop culture has its roots in pride, truth, courage and self-determination.One popular form of hip-hop dance, break dance, grew out of a need for youth to express themselves and prove their progress in a creative, non-destructive way. Many heads who would have been involved in gang activity or street life were able to express their frustrations through the art of a dance that was at once aggressive and poetic.

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