Lashay’s Freestyle Photo Shoot

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_MG_5897One of the perks of joining the Freestyle Fitness Bootcamp is the photo shoot given to each IMAG0225-1person who reaches their weight loss goals and begins the maintenance program.  The maintenance program aids you in maintaining your new lifestyle change.  After several weeks in bootcamp there is so much information to learn and apply.  Those who are ready lose weight and move on to maintain it deserve to be celebrated.  Recently Lashay earned her photoshoot and we had a blast watching her beautiful spirit shine from within and all over the camera.


We laughed so hard and had fun in front of the camera which had never been a comfortable place for any of us to be.  We all can look back 10 years and find very few photos of ourselves.  I know for myself the few pictures I can find are of me standing behind someone or standing sideways.

Lashay has come such a long way losing 45 lbs. in the Freestyle Fitness bootcamp.  She’s now one of the lead trainers and our beloved choreographer.  It has been great to tag-a-long for the journey.  She’s stunning in her black dress.


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  • Gina

    Way to go girl!! You look great. Congrats. Keep up the great work!

    • LaShay

      Thank you Gina, I’m enjoying my journey!!! Hard work but I gotta do it for myself. Thanks for the kind words…smiling!!!

  • Paula

    Congratulations to you Shay!! You are an awesome inspiration and role model. Thanks for leading by example.

    • LaShay

      Thank you Paula, you are an inspiration to me and it means so much. I love what I do and if I can help/inspire someone along the way, it is worth all the hard work. Thanks for partying with me every week…you rock Paula!!!

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