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Affordable Fruits and Vegetables

crying about food Have you noticed how expensive fresh fruits and vegetables are these days? I know I’ve been doing a double take at the register. Remember when $100 in groceries meant a full grocery cart? It was not that long ago. The cost of groceries has gone off the chain especially if you shop outside the grocery store aisle like I do. That’s because all the healthy foods are on the perimeter of the store. All of the processed foods are on the aisles. I hope you are doing most of your shopping on the perimeter of the store. Recently, I have been thinking about clipping coupons but that really doesn’t do me any good since 99% of the coupons are for sugary, low nutrition, processed foods.

According to USDA data, U.S. fresh-veggie prices increased by 4.7% in 2013, and they may climb another 3% this year. Fruit got 2% more expensive in 2013, and the USDA figures fruit may cost up to 3.5% more by the end of 2014.

Beyond that, though, it’s a bit unsettling to see that corn prices have surged 13.5% this year. Now keep in mind, that’s after major corn price drops in 2013 because of a large harvest. Still, corn is an important ingredient in a significant portion of processed food, and cheap corn is the basis for cheap meat in the United States.

So, what can WE do?

Let’s join forces! I’ve partnered with Eat Right Atlanta to form a food co-op. It gives us access to healthy fruits and vegetables at affordable prices. Prices are more than 50% cheaper than buying them in the grocery store or directly from the farmers market. Eat Right Atlanta is able to sell the produce for such a low price because they buy in bulk. This is not the supermarket. They can’t simply sell a head of lettuce.  You will find however, that you’re spending approx. half what you would spend at the supermarket on a regular basis.

Here’s a sample of the items that are available this week;

Red Potatoes, Acorn Squash OR Sweet Dumpling Squash, Carrots, Mustard Greens, Yellow Corn, Green Cabbage, Celery, Apples or Oranges, Bartlett Pears & Beets.groceries

Just so you know the produce will be 50% organic and 50% regular produce. If you want your order to be 100% organic you can customize however you like. I will be accepting cash payments monthly or you can order directly from Eat Right Atlanta by clicking on the Freestyle Fitness button to place your order. You will then be able to make your monthly payment directly to Eat Right Atlanta.

I’m excited to get FREE delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables. They are excellent quality and delicious. I recently purchased a new juicer and I can’t wait to break it in. Here are the $$$ details:

To register there is a $25 annual fee per person. You have until the 2nd month to pay the registration fee. Then $30 a month to receive 2 grocery bags of fruits and vegetables per month. I wouldn’t miss out on this opportunity. You can share your spot in the co-op with someone if you like. Fresh fruits and veggies delivered to you at bootcamp or you can pick up your order when you attend class.

If you’re interested sign up here below by clicking on the link.

Join Food Co-Op

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