Freestyle Fitness Celebrates Carrie Mae Hambrick Day

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May 17, 2014 was quite a busy day for Freestyle Fitness.  After the NHTF Zumbathon we headed to the Carrie Mae Hambrick Event hosted by Mrs. Lasonji Rivers, representing the Stockbridge, GA chapter of the NAACP.  Carrie Mae Hambrick day was adopted as a resolution by the Georgia legislature in remembrance of Carrie Mae Hambricks’ contribution to the Henry County community.  Carrie Mae Hambrick was the first African American woman to own a business in Georgia.  To learn more about Carrie Mae Hambrick click here

I was able to share a few Zumba routines with the crowd. Although Zumba has been in the United States for over 12 years there are many people who have never heard of Zumba. I always enjoy introducing new people to Zumba and even more so to Freestyle Fitness.

Also attending the event was the New Miss Black Georgia USA 2014 Ms. Nakeia Staley! This southern beauty represents class, style and grace. I love her platform of motivating youth and young adults to stay healthy and stay on the Move to remain fit as she coins every Friday: “First Lady Friday’s” inspired by Lady Michelle Obama’s Fit Campaign.
Nakeia attended the event in support of her platform. Her table promoted “Let’s Move Henry”, which is in support of fighting childhood obesity. Many of you know that Freestyle Fitness is committed to making an impact where obesity is concerned. This is why my passion is helping as many people as possible through the Freestyle Fitness Boot Camp. I look forward to joining forces with Nakeia Staley in the Henry County community and beyond.

A Stockbridge, GA event wouldn’t be complete without a representative of its leadership. I had the pleasure of meeting council member Anthony Ford. It’s good to know that the community leadership is on board in support of issues that impact its citizens.

I’d like to thank Teresa Brown-Guillory with Kim 4 Kids and her initiative to fight childhood obesity for choosing Freestyle Fitness to share our mission of fitness at the Carrie Mae Hambrick annual event. I am sure so many working within the community to improve it would have made her proud as she worked tirelessly in the community as well.

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  • Kati Carson

    I LOVE THIS WOMAN (although I have not had the pleasure of meeting while she was alive) and ALL that she represented! Keep this day alive and pass on her wonderful legacy!

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