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Freestyle Fitness

This week we will be completing the January session of boot camp.  It has been a muscle confusing week of 3G, Pilates, Zumba, Aquafit Cardio, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Sentao, Power Yoga, Circuit, Zumba Toning and we’ll be closing out this week with continued intense cardio and toning.  Those of you who are serious about your journey are seeing changes in your body and you are excited about the next boot camp.  As you know each boot camp lineup is different.  Each boot camp session brings in challenges and different specialties for you to experience.  It has been fun planning your activities and acquiring talent to bring you excellent classes.  

BEFOREAFTER-201311282218With this session ending we’ll have a week off before the next session begins. During this week off the 5:30 AM Zumba classes will be reinstated for all clients to participate in.  Then when boot camp resumes that time slot will close again for the 4 week boot camp.  If you were able to sample the boot camp in January we invite you back to fully enroll for February.  

The February session will be open to anyone on Wednesday February 19th for the AM or PM session for Bring-A-Buddy day and always open during the entire week the boot camp is on break between sessions.  Be sure to always check the schedule for clarification.


How to Register

Registering is simple.  If you do not have a Freestyle Fitness account yet you’ll need to open one.   Just go to and click on the Bootcamp with Meal Plan link located at the top of the page.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the bootcamp sessions and choose one.  Click on the “sign up” button to open your account and pre-register for bootcamp.  You are able to make a reservation for bootcamp for $20.  This will secure your spot for the next session or you can choose to make your payment in full.  If you have any issues with registering please contact us at 678-698-6780 and we will walk you through it over the phone.  

Tammie lost 41.6 pounds in the Freestyle Fitness bootcampBEFOREAFTER-2013112815812               February Bootcamp additions

     Private/ semi-private personal training

                             Aquafit Drills


I look forward to working with you in the next boot camp.  If not, then I’ll see you in our regular classes.  Whatever you decide to do know that you and your fitness goals are not just a number at Freestyle Fitness.  We are always thinking of you and when you’re not in class for while….we notice, we care.

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  • Sebrena Ward-Small

    I’d like some additional information on the Fit n Free Meals. I have a lot of allergies and need to make sure of what’s in the products.

    • Pamela Bennett

      Hi Sebrena, The Fit n Free Meals are included in the bootcamp. The meal plan is a food plan and journal. Bootcamp participants follow the meal plan and learn how to grocery shop outside the aisles of the grocery store for healthier selections. This meal plan is not sold seprately. It is a part of the bootcamp program. Registration for the next bootcamp is this weekend. If you’re interested you are welcome to contact me at the office number 678-698-6780.

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