Freestyle Fitness Founder and CEO, Pamela Bennett

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Pamela Bennett - Founder and CEO of Freestyle Fitness

Pamela Bennett

Founder and CEO

Along my fitness journey, going from 289 to 145, I was encouraged by the Zumba instructor and my husband to continue to pursue my passion for fitness.  I had worked in the fitness industry in my early 20′s.  I decided to take it a step further and to renew my AAFA Group Fitness certification and then became certified to teach Zumba. Since then I have obtained certifications in Personal Training, CORE, R.I.P.P.E.D USA, Wellness Coaching and Nutrition, Aqua Zumba and I also teach AquaFit Cardio.

I love that all the instructors with Freestyle Fitness have come through the boot camp.  All of the trainers have been overweight and have lost weight so they understand our clients very well.  How well can you coach someone who is addicted to food if you yourself have never been addicted to food?  How effectively can you tell someone who is overweight how to move if you do not know what it feels like to be overweight?  That is what you get when you participate in a Freestyle Fitness class or boot camp.

Our classes are not just for the overweight population, our classes are for everyone.  Unfortunately more than 64.8% of Georgia adults are obese or overweight.  I have a passion for fitness and the boot camp. My goal is to help as many people as possible begin the journey to fitness. I am grateful to see so many who want to start and to finish their journey in the Freestyle Fitness boot camp.  I am committed to helping you to achieve whatever your fitness goals are.  Perhaps you just want to lose 10 lbs. or be able to fit into a pair of your favorite jeans.  We want to help you reach your fitness goals whatever they may be.


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Pamela Bennett Before and After

Pamela Bennett Before and After

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