Congratulations, Luwanna Kimbro for Making Teacher of the Year!!

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luwanna kimbroI heard through the grapevine that Luwanna Wall Kimbro, Calculus Teacher, was named Teacher of the Year at South West DeKalb High School. What an acheivement! Luwanna is a long time client/friend of mine and is a regular in the front line at Zumba class at Freestyle Fitness & Nutrition. I just have to say how proud I am of you. I’ve been enjoying all the wonderful social media posts from friends and family about their children. Kudos to you all! But, TEACHER OF THE YEAR!!!? That is fantastic! When I heard about this I was not only super impressed but it really made me think about all the love and hard work our teachers in our communities contribute to educate our children. 

Luwanna even enjoys fitness out of the box. Kangoo Dance class.

Luwanna even enjoys fitness out of the box. Here she is in Kangoo Dance class.


What does it mean to be Teacher of the Year? Is it a mark of great professional distinction. It is evidence of outstanding accomplishment. It means that her classroom practices have been impressive, and she stood out compared to other teachers. I’m sure there were plenty of excellent practitioners, but Luwanna had something else that’s important to recognize and cultivate.  She has the shared drive to engage beyond the classroom.  Her dedication to her profession deserves recognition and our congratulations!


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