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You don’t know Charlotte Smith.  You most likely have never seen her in class.  You probably have seen her picture posted on the Freestyle Fitness & Nutrition page on Facebook or perhaps you’ve seen her picture in a previous newsletter.  Charlotte has been a Freestyle Fitness client since its inception.  In 2012 Charlotte worked in a local martial arts Dojang where she and some of her children studied martial arts.  Charlotte holds a black belt in Tang Soo Do, a Korean martial art. This studio is one of the first places Freestyle Fitness held Zumba classes.  This is where I met Charlotte.  A few months after classes began at that location I opened up the first boot camp and Charlotte joined.  Charlotte is a Mother of 2 and wife to Timothy Smith for 32 years.

Charlotte’s boot camp story is an amazing one because she has been around the longest. She has a few physical limitations that are not noticeable right off but Charlotte suffers from *sciatica, a weakness in one of her arms she has had since childhood that limits its mobility and injuries she sustained from a spider bite in her leg.  After she was bitten it was discovered that she had weak valves in her legs. Because of this she has limited mobility in one of her legs as well.  Charlotte has always been overweight, even as a child. I often have to give her modifications to exercises during boot camp.  She makes the modification to the movement and she keeps going. Charlotte is an example of someone who never gives up and she did not and does not let her physical limitations hold her back.  She is determined.

Honestly most people would have given up by now.   Charlotte has been known to show up on outdoor park days in her flip flops. A few times she forgot to bring her tennis shoes (sneakers) to boot camp, she would attempt to exercise in whatever she had on her feet. At that time we held boot camp in the martial arts studio so it was customary for us to workout in our bare feet or socks. This is no longer an issue now since we are holding boot camp in the main studio. But on those days Charlotte could be seen walking around the track, determined to “Get It In” for the day.

You can’t buy that kind of determination. It has to come from deep inside you. Determination comes from a decision, a resolve, a deep resolution. It comes from a place of strength. You see even though Charlotte has certain areas in her body that are weak for various reasons (her weight loss has improved it to some extent), she loves the Lord which I know is where she gets her inner strength, she is strong in character, she is disciplined, she is determination personified. She is one of the reasons boot camp works for so many of our clients. It works because boot camp is a family. It is a place of support, challenge, encouragement and will. No excuses. All of that together with sound nutrition and muscle confusion makes a recipe for success.

To date Charlotte has lost over 50 lbs. Her pants size has gone from a 24w to a regular size 16. She’s shopping on the skinny side of the store now. She’s not done yet but she is definitely on the down side of her journey.

* Your sciatic nerve, the body’s longest nerve, begins at the spinal cord, goes through the hips and buttocks, and then branches down each leg. The nerve may become irritated due to an injury to the nerve or its surrounding area, resulting in sciatica. Sciatica is a sensation of moderate to excruciating pain in the back, buttocks, and legs. It may also cause weakness or numbness.

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