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group fitnessI know we make it look simple but it takes a lot of work to put together an excellent class.  All of us at Freestyle Fitness really put our hearts into making your experience great.  We put many hours into choosing music and choreography that is easy to learn and that most anyone can do.  We believe that it does not benefit our clients if we create choreography that only “we” can do.  We are not here to put on a show for you or perform to impress you.  We want to get our groove on with you.  

20140121_130034Our choreography is unique and home grown.  There are over 25 years of dance and choreography experience within Freestyle Fitness.  Our resident choreographer Lashay studied ballet professionally for 18 years.  Did you know that?  I studied ballet, modern dance and tap for 8 years before transitioning to fitness.  I believe our passion for movement shines through in each class.  

20140121_130020In between classes we are always in preparation for the next class.  I’m sure you’ve seen me scooting around town in my little car.  Ain’t she cute?  This little car holds a lot of stuff and fills up with gas for about $35.00.  Gotta love that.  Here I have acquired the chairs we need for the Zumba Sentao classes as well as the Guns, Guts and Glutes class.  I was able to fit 20 chairs in this little car as well as a bin with the water dumbells for the Aqua classes and my boombox.  I made a delivery of extra weights for clients to use just in case someone forgets theirs at home.  This way we’ll have a pair for you to use.  Yep, we’re always thinking about YOU at Freestyle.  20140121_130101

It is our sincere goal to make every class you attend great.  If it’s not please let us know.  We want to know what you think and how your feel so tell us.  Post your feedback, testimonial or shout out about a class, an instructor…whatever…we want to hear it.  Post your comments on the blog or at the bottom of any article.  You can also share any post to your facebook page by clicking on the facebook links at the bottom of each page.  Also remember to LIKE us on Facebook.  The more you post and refer us to your friends and family the bigger the party gets and the more fun we’ll all have.  Simply said, if you like us, tell someone. Pay it forward.  We LOVE referrals

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  • Millicent Pedersen

    Thank you for all you do! I look forward to reaching my fitness goals while dancing off the pounds in Zumba!

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