Aqua Fitness and Your Back

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The special properties of water can provide you with excellent benefits if you are trying to heal a back injury. Being in water provides a safe environment for working out your muscles and stretching your body. It also allows you to do more than you would on land by eliminating the constraints imposed by gravity.

Water exercise is done in shallow, mid-deep and deep water, depending upon your level of conditioning and the goals of your workout.


Muscle Strengthening

Water exercise can strengthen back, ab and hip muscles, all key for a healthy spine. The flow of water resists movement, and functions similarly to weight training: it gets your muscles strong.

Being immersed in water places pressure all over your body. To build strength, you must work your muscles against this pressure. The deeper in the water you go, the more pressure will be exerted, and the harder the workout will be.

Beginners should stay close to the shallow water, where the floor and sides of the pool can provide stability, if need be. Working in deeper water while wearing a flotation belt will increase the challenge.

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  • Angela. Stevens

    Do you have aqua zuma in stone mtn?

    • Pamela Bennett

      No Angela, not yet. I would love to bring our program there. Do you know of a pool in Stone Mountain that does not have Aqua Zumba?

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