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Here’s the challenge for April.  Even though we are starting a little late we certainly are not going to let that stop us.  Many of you are on vacation anyway and you are also preparing for the Easter holiday this weekend.  I thought it would be best to start the challenge after Easter so that it would be easier for you to begin.  I will also post an exercise calendar for you to follow to add to your exercise regimen.  The calendar should be followed  and completed in addition to your exercise program.

For the challenge this month we will be eliminating white foods.  We will begin on Monday April 6th.  The no white food challenge will be used in conjunction with the exercise program.

Here’s the contest piece…

Complete the following remaining 3 weeks of April and your name will be entered in a drawing for free classes.  I will choose 2 winners.  To be entered you must send me 6 photos.  Three photos of at least one meal you ate for each week and 3 photos of you performing the exercises listed on the chart, one photo for one day of each week, totaling 6 photos.  I will post the details and the exercise calendar in a few days.  In the meantime get ready.  Begin adding supplies to your pantry that are acceptable to the challenge.  Consider ordering from the Freestyle Fitness organic fruit and vegetable good co-op as well.

Pictures for the challenge should be emailed to contest@myfreestylefitness.com

What are White Foods?

The white foods that should be eliminated from the diet include sugar, white flour, white rice and potatoes. These foods are simple carbohydrates that increase insulin production and cause cravings for more carbs. Eliminate salt from the diet, as well as milk, and any foods made from these products. It is also necessary to eliminate fruit and fruit juice from the diet for 1st week. Fruit juices often contain added sugars, but even the natural sugars in fruit will keep sugar cravings alive. Avoid carbohydrate mimickers during the initial phase of the plan as well, since they may trigger cravings. These mimickers include sugar and salt substitutes.

You have these next few days to get ready.  Videos of the exercises will be available on Instagram and the Freestyle Fitness Facebook page.

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